What makes a good storytime book?

We posed this puzzler to our readers:

What do you look for in a good book for your programs? What makes you flip through a book and say “No way”?

“A good storytime book is one that has pictures big enough to see from far away, and not too much text. If a book is too long or has boring pictures, I won’t even read it myself.”-Kara S.

“My favorite storytime books are the old classics like Caps for Sale and Millions of Cats. These books are enduring favorites for good reason. Sometimes that gets forgotten in the sea of new books published every year.”-Beth D.

“When I am picking books for storytime, I look for books that are easy to read out loud, with engaging stories that make sense. If a book has a song or repetitive line in it, even better!-Aaron T.


Kathy and Christine say:

  • When picking books for storytime, pick books that you like yourself. It will be a lot easier to engage kids if you are enjoying yourself!
  • Make sure pictures are large enough to be seen by everyone. If you find a terrific story with smaller illustrations, that might be a candidate for a storycard or flannelboard retelling.
  • Look for books that lend themselves to interaction: refrains for kids to repeat, objects to count, or puzzles to figure out.
  • To maximize participation and storytime energy, look for books with alliteration, onomatopoeia, and other opportunities to get the kids to make noise.

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