How do you involve staff from other departments in your programs?

We asked readers to respond to our puzzler question, and we received some wonderful suggestions!

During Book Week we hold a sweepstake to get everyone involved in choosing a winner.  From the shortlist, staff are invited to choose a book in each category.  They can “judge a book by its cover”, read as many as they want, then mark on the entry form, which title they pick.  When the awards are announced at the start of book week, small prizes go to the pickers! ~Maureen O.

We ask staff if they have any special talents or interest.  Some staff knit, decorate cakes, are involved in their children’s robotics clubs, and more.  We then ask those staff if they would like to offer a program or ask a group their involved with to offer a program or demonstration.  It gives all staff an opportunity to be involved in programming.  ~Sarah R.

Some of our programs, especially those offered in the summer, have up 50 in attendance.  We ask staff in all departments to pitch in (with their supervisor’s approval) and help the librarian’s with the programs.  An extra set of hands is wonderful to have when passing out supplies, answering questions, and helping children with activities.  Staff complete their outreach requirements for their reviews and get to experience something different in their day.  ~Molly G.


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