Surf’s Up!

beachRecommended Books

At the Boardwalk by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman.  Wilton, CT: Tiger Tales, 2012.

Beautiful illustrations and rhyming text describe all that is offered at the boardwalk.  From early morning jogging to arcade games and sweet treats, anyone who has strolled the boardwalk will enjoy this simple tale of family fun.

At the Beach by Anne and Harlow Rockwell.  New, NY:  Simon & Schuster, 1991.

This classic tale with simple pictures and text is perfect for any child.  A little girl and her mother spend a day at the beach playing in the sand and water.

Action Rhyme

Beach Day

The sun is in the sky, (point up)

the sand is under my feet, (point down)

the waves tickle my toes (touch toes)

and crash in a rhythmic beat. (SPLASH)


At the Beach

Pieces Needed: sandy beach, ocean wave, shovel, pail, sandcastle, seagulls, beach bag

At the beach we play all day,

running and splashing in the ocean spray.

I take out my pail, and my shovel too,

and build a castle for me and you.

The seagulls squawk and steal our food,

leaving my mom in a foul mood.

As the sun sets, we pack our supplies,

rinse the sand off, and say our goodbyes.

Five Fish

Piece Needed:  five fish, seaweed, sunken ship, anemone, sea turtle, setting sun

Five little fish swimming near the ocean floor,

One stopped to nibble some seaweed, then there were four.

Four little fish swimming in the sea,

One explored a sunken ship, then there were three.

Three little fish in the ocean blue,

One went to visit an anemone, then there were two.

Two little fish playing and having fun,

One caught a ride on a turtle’s back, and then there was one.

One little fish noticed the setting sun,

He swam home before the day was done.


Surfin’ Safari by the Beach Boys

While the song is playing, toss a beach ball into the crowd.  Dance around and try to keep the beach ball in the air for the entire song!


Paper Plate Beach

Pieces needed:  paper plate, glue, torn pieces of brown construction paper, shredded blue construction paper (or gift bag filler), cut out pictures from magazines of  beach umbrellas, flip flops, towels, seagulls, fish, or other beach items.

  1. On the lower half of a paper plate glue brown pieces of construction paper to create sand.

  2. On the upper half of the paper plate glue blue strips of paper to create the waves of the ocean.

  3. Glue various other pictures on the plate that you may find at the beach.

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