Share This Book: Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

  September is Library Card Sign-Up Month.  Here’s a great book to share with patrons of all ages:

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise cover     

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise by Jan Pinborough.  Illustrated by Debbie Atwell.  Houghton Mifflin, 2013.  (Recommended for ages 5 and up.)


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who didn’t quite fit the expectations that people had of her.  She didn’t march through the streets in protest, didn’t alert the media, but quietly, bit by bit, library by library, she changed the world.

Once upon a time, children were not welcome in libraries.  Anne Carroll Moore, children’s librarian at the Pratt Institute Free Library, thought otherwise.   She advocated libraries just for children and, in doing so, brought the mission of making the public library a resource and symbol of hope for all people to the New York Public Library and to libraries around the world. 

Author Jan Pinborough lists two goals in writing this book: “One was to encourage ‘otherwise-thinking’ children to value and pursue their own individualistic ideas––and thus to make their own unique contributions to the world. ​ The second was to prompt people to think about that indispensable yet much-taken-for-granted gift, the public library.”  She succeeds marvelously on both counts.  Whether you are a librarian or a lover of libraries, you will be moved by Anne Carroll Moore’s quiet conviction and determination.  Share this book with a child in your life and honor her pioneering spirit.


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