Colors Signs for Storytime!

Brighten up any storytime by teaching the American Sign Language colors!

Learn the color signs from Shaylee, Ivy, Manny and Sheena in this adorable video from ASL Nook! It’s perfect for learning the signs yourself, and also short and engaging enough to share with students or in storytime!

Then incorporate the ASL signs for colors in your favorite songs and rhymes!  Here’s a fun one to get you started. This song is terrific for online storytimes and lessons too, because it keeps kids engaged even through a video screen! For more signing fun, click on the links to learn the signs for the movements too.

Where are Colors? Song
by Kathy MacMillan
(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Where is RED? Where is RED?
Look around. Look around.
Point to something RED, Point to something RED
JUMP up and down, JUMP up and down.

WHERE is BLUE?…DANCE around.
WHERE is PURPLE?…then SIT down.

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