Sign Language for Children in Storytime or the Classroom Begins January 18! Register Now!

Sign Language for Children in Storytime or in the Classroom: A Practical Guide eCourse

Asynchronous eCourse beginning Monday, January 18, 2020 (6 weeks of lessons; Participants will have a total of 12 weeks to complete course materials)
Instructor: Kathy MacMillan, NIC, M.L.S.
Cost: $250.00 (discounts available for American Library Association members and bulk registrations); Estimated Hours of Learning: 30 (Certificate of Completion available upon request)

American Sign Language is most commonly used in storytimes for babies, but the applications can go much further. In this 6-week eCourse, expert Kathy MacMillan explores the benefits of signing with all children. In addition to learning basic American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary appropriate for use with children in library and classroom settings, you will also learn to teach stories, songs, and other activities that incorporate ASL. MacMillan provides you with a linguistic and cultural context to help make your programming more accessible.

A few of your assignments will be to create videos of yourself signing, so that you can get direct feedback from the instructor.

Please note that this eCourse can also be purchased as part of the American Sign Language for Librarians eCourse Bundle.


“Sign Language for Children in Storytime or in the Classroom: A Practical Guide is one of the most well-organized and rewarding professional development courses I’ve taken. I really appreciated the topics covered and all the additional tips the instructor contributed to the discussion forums.”

“Your methods for teaching, quizzing, and giving feedback for assignments were more responsive than any ecourse I’ve taken so far (on this site or in grad school!)”

“Kathy MacMillan was an outstanding teacher, and I would highly recommend this class to my colleagues.”

“This course was appropriately named. It was practical and extremely informative.”

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