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Inspiration, Book Reviews, and a Side of Crafts

Picture1Looking for more new ideas to spice up your storytime or classroom?  We’ve become big fans of the blog, Read It Again, Mom!  Maintained by “A Librarian Mom and Her Kids”, this site is filled with book reviews, storytime ideas, crafts, and fun links to bring our favorite kind of hands-on fun to book programs.   In the aftermath of the holidays, be sure to check out this post on things you can make from wrapping paper roll and this super-cute penguin storytime perfect for the wintry days ahead!

Sign Language Wreath Craft

Check out some of the beautiful creations from today’s “Holiday Signs” program:


To make this craft:
1) Cut out the center from a paper plate.
2) Trace and cut hands (8-10 per wreath) from green construction paper.
3) Glue the hands around the edges of the wreath.  You can leave them flat, or glue down the fingers to form I-LOVE-YOU signs, numbers to count down to Christmas, or letters to spell out a name.
4) Decorate with red circle stickers (processing dots) for berries.