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Monkey, Monkey

Teach the American Sign Language sign MONKEY, and then use it in this rollicking action rhyme!

little boy signing MONKEY

To sign MONKEY: Hold clawed hands at waist and scratch like a monkey.

Monkey, Monkey, dance around.

Monkey, Monkey, jump up and down.

Monkey, Monkey, round you go.

Monkey, Monkey, sit like so!

See a video of the sign MONKEY here.

Liven up Baby and Toddler Storytimes with Sign Language

Using sign language during library storytimes is a great way to communicate with babies and toddlers and to broaden the appeal of storytimes of your storytimes!  Check out these great resources from storyteller and nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter Kathy MacMillan to help you get started!

Background Reading:

Signing with Babies:

Benefit of Teaching Young Kids Sign Language:

American Sign Language:


Kathy’s Videos on YouTube: