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Night Owl Flannelboard and Sound Story

Another sneak peek from our newest book, More Storytime Magic (ALA Editions, January 2016):

Night Owl Flannelboard and Sound Story

Based on the book by Toni Yuly (New York: Macmillan, 2015).night owl

Night Owl listens to the sounds of the night, waiting for his very favorite one: his mother returning home! As you tell the story, play clips of the sounds that Night Owl hears and ask the children to identify them.

Download full-size printable illustrations by Melanie Fitz.

Click on the links below for sounds:

Owl Hoot


Train whistle




Owl Hoot

MacMillan_cover_1p.inddFind lots more great storytime activities in More Storytime Magic, the latest volume in the Storytime Magic series!

Sign This: “The Owl”

Did you know that August 4 is International Owl Awareness Day?  Celebrate with this fingerplay perfect for owl or nocturnal animal programs!

The owl is a creature of the night,

His great big eyes give him keen sight.

He looks to the left and to the right.

And hoots so softly through the night.

Watch this video to learn how to share this rhyme using American Sign Language: