Here’s a sampling of what past workshop participants have had to say about workshops from Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker:

“Lots of great examples that I will be able to incorporate into my storytimes.”

“I loved pretty much everything about it, and as soon as I got back to work I grabbed your book and started pulling ideas from it.”

“I really enjoyed everything and by your demonstrations you showed how easy the crafts and rhymes can be.”

“It was SO practical–I came back with several ideas I can implement immediately. I was also appreciative of the handouts. I loved your energy and enthusiasm!”

“Overall a very inspirational presentation! I loved it!”

“The presenters were able to cover and model a lot of really great information in a short amount of time. They were engaging and entertaining and inspiring.”

“You were both so wonderful and your ideas are all so do-able that I’m very excited to use them in my programs! It was fun and inventive, as well as lively! I came away with lots of good ideas.”

“I could have gone on for another hour. Really great instructor!”

“The hands-on participation and practice was very helpful.”

“I liked that it was geared for our uses on the job. The instructor was very effective.”




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