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Read this book: How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan

babysitHow to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan.  Illustrated by Lee Wildish.  New York: Knopf, 2012.

This delightful book is one of our favorite of recent years!  A little boy offers a how-to manual for babysitting your grandpa, including everything from what to feed him for a snack (“Ice cream topped with cookies”, “Olives served in fingertips”) to what to do on a walk (“Step over sidewalk cracks”, “Look for lizards, cool rocks, and dandelion puffs”) to how to settle Grandpa down for his nap.   Wildish’s brightly colored digital illustrations combined with Reagan’s funny funny text make for a perfect storytime book.  Be sure to bring this one out for family storytimes and grandparent days – kids and adults will both be tickled by this winner.