Winter Wonderland Storytime

Recommended Books

Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2010.

When the weather gets cooler, all the animals know it’s time to get to the hibernation station. With black bear as the conductor, there is no doubt that all the animals will be snug and asleep before the first snow.


Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright. New York: Marshall Cavendish, 2010.

When Sneezy the Snowman is cold, he tries many ways to warm himself. Unfortunately, they often result in him melting. Luckily the children help rebuild Sneezy and share their clothes with him, helping him stay warm.



First Snow

The seasons are changing,

winter is here.

When the first snowflake falls,

we let out a cheer! (pump hand in air and cheer!)

We put on our snowsuits,

and run outside. (run in place)

We build a big snowman,

so tall and so wide. (lift arms tall and wide)

To warm up we drink our hot cocoa

and sit by the fire. (pretend to drink)

Then we go back outside,

when our clothes come out of the dryer! (run in place)


Snowball: A Scarf Rhyme

Hand out scarves to each child and demonstrate how to use them throughout the rhyme.

I pull on my mittens (pull scarf over each hand in turn)

On my head I put my hat. (put scarf on head)

I toss on my scarf (fling scarf over shoulder)

And I’m out the door like that!

The snow is drifting down (let scarf drift down to the floor in front of you)

To the ground just so

I gather up a bunch of it (ball up scarf between hands)

And here’s the snowball that I THROW! (throw the balled scarf)



Glittery Snowflakes

Materials needed: 6 craft sticks, yarn or thread, glue, glitter


  1. Lay two craft sticks perpendicular to one another to form an X. Wrap yarn or thread around the place where they intersect to hold them together.  (Yarn is sturdier, but thread will provide a more delicate look.)
  2. Lay the third craft stick horizontally across the middle of the X. Wrap more yarn or thread around the center of the sticks to hold them together, then tie the ends off.
  3. Tape a loop of yarn or thread to the top stick for hanging.
  4. Decorate your snowflake with glue and glitter.

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