Leaves Make Math Fun!

With the leaves falling in your backyard, it’s a wonderful time to integrate a math activity into your Fall or Leaf storytime.

  • Collect a variety of leaves from your yard or neighborhood a week or two prior to the storytime.  Make sure they vary in color, size, and type of tree (oak, maple, etc.).
  • Dry the leaves by laying them flat between pages of newspaper.  Placing books on them will help the leaves dry flat.  The dried leaves should keep their color.
  • Once leaves are dry, place an assortment in a baggie, making sure that there are some of the same color, size, and variety in each bag.  Make sure you have enough bags for each child in the storytime.
  • Pass out bags of leaves to the children.  Ask the children to do a variety of tasks:  count the leaves, group them by color, group them by type, create a pattern (red, brown, yellow, green).  This will reinforce many of the early skills needed for children to succeed in math in school.
  • When you are done with the leaves, give each child a blank piece of paper and glue stick, and have them create a leaf man or other picture using their leaves.


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